Lew Gaiter III

Lew Gaiter III is currently the Larimer County Commissioner representing the northern third of Larimer County in north central Colorado. He was appointed as a County Commissioner in a vacancy election in January 2010 and then elected in the general election in November 2010. He was re-elected in November 2014.

County government is a microcosm of state government. As County Commissioner, Lew is experienced in using the structure of state and county government to best serve citizens. His leadership as a  County Commissioner--listening, acting, and following through--has prepared him for the job of Governor of the State of Colorado. Lew wants to take the next step in "Moving Colorado Forward"! 

County Commissioner

  • Chair of Larimer County Board of Commissioners – 2012, 2015, 2017
  • President, Colorado Counties, Inc.
  • Past Vice-President of Front Range District, Colorado Counties, Inc.
  • Current Colorado Counties, Inc. Board Rep for Front Range District
  • Past Chair, Colorado Counties, Inc. Tourism, Resorts and Economic Development Steering Committee
  • Member, National Association of Counties Technology & Telecommunications Steering Committee
  • Vice Chair, State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council (SEMTAC)
  • Past Member, Colorado Department of Human Services Child Fatality Review Committee
  • Board Member, Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA)
  • Board Member, Colorado State Board of Health
  • Member, Board of Directors, National Association of Counties, 2015-2017 (NACO)
  • Chair, National Association of Counties Information Technology Standing Committee (2016-17, 2017-18)

Business Career

  • International Software and Computer Networking Consultant
  • Business Owner
  • Research and Development Software Engineer
  • Business and Life Coach
  • Board member of multiple for profit/non-profit organizations since 1990

 Civic Engagement

  • 25 year member of the Loveland Volunteer Ski Patrol (retired)
  • Past Director of the Loveland Volunteer Ski Patrol
  • Past National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor
  • Past Eastern Region Director – Rocky Mountain Division of the National Ski Patrol
  • Past Chairman of Realities for Children "Triumph Awards"


  • Married for 35 years to Jeannette Gaiter
  • Father of 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls — they're all born to us)
  • Past Martial Arts assistant instructor
  • Avid skier
  • Broncos season ticket holder (with his dad)
  • Grandfather of 5
  • 8 of 9 children born at home


  • Skiing
  • Football – especially NFL (go Denver Broncos!)
  • Reading
  • Skiing
  • Sailing (although I haven't sailed for a long time)
  • Flying (never got my license, but I'd love to learn)
  • Did I say skiing?