Moving Colorado Forward
Join Lew as we make Colorado even better!
Bridging the Divide
So many things unite us, let's bridge the things that divide us!
Responsible Resource Stewardship
Lew has experience developing natural resource plans for today and future generations.
Strengthening Our Economy
While many areas of Colorado are rebounding, some are still struggling. We need to ensure that people from all areas of Colorado have the ability for the "pursuit of happiness".
Meet Lew Gaiter
Get to know Lew Gaiter: Colorado native, family man, business entrepreneur, county commissioner
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Moving Colorado Forward
Working Together to make a great state even better
How do we make Colorado better?
  • Work together to address our challenges
  • Get economic recovery statewide!
  • Responsibly use & develop our resources
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Bridging the Divide
So many things unite us, let's bridge the things that divide us.
  • Rural/Urban
  • Political/Ideological
  • Economic – Rich/Poor
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Responsible Resource Management
We have a lot of great resources in Colorado. Let's use them in a way to ensure they are here for future generations.
  • Man Made Infrastructure
    • Roads
    • Broadband Internet
    • Utilities – Water, Electricity, Sewer, Solid Waste
  • Natural Resources
    • Air
    • Water
    • Land
    • Oil, Gas and Coal
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Steward, Use and Develop our resources
Strengthening Our Economy
While we are in the midst of a recovery, there is still much to do.
  • Urban is Growing
  • Rural is still lagging
  • Inner Cities still need help
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Lew Gaiter III
  • 2 Term Larimer County Commissioner
  • Current (and past) Chair of Larimer County BCC
  • President of Colorado Counties, Inc.
  • 25 year ski patroller (retired)
  • Married 35 years
  • Father of 9, Grandfather of 5
Read Lew's Bio
Tell me more about Lew
  • Moving Colorado Forward
  • Bridging the Divide
  • Responsible Resource Management Steward, Use and Develop our resources
  • Strengthening Our Economy
  • Lew Gaiter III Tell me more about Lew


  • Don & Wendy Francisco

    "We endorse Lew Gaiter without hesitation.  Lew is a people person, and we are most excited by his ability to unite people of varying perspectives to accomplish a task. Lew and Jeannette are long time friends, have a wonderful family, and are people of integrity. We cannot imagine a more excellent Governor for the state of Colorado". Read More
  • Randy Miller

    It would be my honor to endorse you as governor. I have known you pretty much since I came to Colorado and I am so excited to see a man of great integrity and desire to serve run for the highest position in the state. I know you will bring  that same character and integrity to state that you have had as Larimer County commissioner. May God bless you and give you wisdom both through the campaign and into your time as governor. Read More
  • Rob Bitterman

    I've known Lew for 15 years. I've always looked to him for guidance and wisdom. Leading up to the election, he set my mind at ease by helping me to see the political issues from both sides in a way that made sense. One of his goals as Governor is to move Colorado forward by helping urban and rural communities to come together, and I've witnessed firsthand his amazing ability to do just that. It is my honor and privilege to endorse Lew Gaiter for Governor of the State of Colorado.   Read More
  • Barry Wilson

    "Through the years I've know Lew, he listens to different points of view, considers the information, revises his position if the new facts make sense and can give a clear, thought out reason why he may or may not agree. He holds himself and other accountable, without there being a moment of disrespect." Barry Wilson, President   Anlance Protection Ltd. Read More
  • Christian Leinbach

    Lew Gaiter is a man that is passionate about public services. I’ve watched Lew in various leadership roles with the National Association of Counties (NACo). He is not only passionate, but also a man of principle and faith. I consider Lew more than a colleague, he is a friend and someone that I respect enough to seek his advice. Lew is the kind of man to lead Colorado and I am truly proud to endorse him for Governor of the  state of Colorado. Christian Y. Leinbach Chairman - Berks County Commissioners Read More
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