Lew Gaiter for Governor

Sometimes our greatest strengths in Colorado are those characteristics that could divide us. As your governor, I pledge to bridge these divides and make Colorado stronger.

Trust and Relationships

Often citizens don't trust government. We think elected officials either don't care about us or can't even get along with each other. I understand this feeling.

How will I build trust and relationships that bridge divides?

  • As Larimer County Commissioner, I have years of experience working and listening throughout the state--in rural, urban, and suburban areas and across all economic situations.
  • I have good friends on both sides of the political aisle, relationships that were built through hard work and thoughtful listening to other points of view.

Leadership in Listening, Leadership in Acting

As a Larimer County Commissioner, my job is to get things done. I listen to all sides of the issues, I evaluate the options, I do my research so I can act in the best interests of all people.  This is being an effective executive leader.

As your Governor, I will listen to and act on behalf of all Colorado citizens, and bring the best of my county government experience to state government.

My leadership extends beyond the county. I'm the only candidate who is currently on 2 state boards, both appointed by the current Governor and confirmed by the state senate.

  • I am President of Colorado Counties, Inc., a non-profit group that provides training and tools to county governments. I believe that our local government officials need support and a learning community so they can serve their citizens better.
  • I am a past board member of NACo, the National Association of Counties. My job there is to assist county executives nationwide as they work for their citizens. 

Examples of bridging divides in Larimer County

In Larimer County, as commissioner I worked to boost economic development that created jobs and opportunities. I championed equitable access to broadband internet in underserved areas. I re-established the county's strategic plans, required for long-term closure of economic and social divides. I acted to improve Larimer County government's internal working efficiency and created a culture of innovation in the organization which helps us to serve citizens in new ways in most cases without increasing the cost to taxpayers and in many cases decreasing the cost to taxpayers..

We have been incredibly successful in Larimer County during my tenure. I believe that my leadership, energy, relationships, and experience can be "bridged" up to the state government.